Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sri Lanka!

Hey, so the airport in Sri Lanka has free internet access. I figured since I had a three hour layover, I'd pop into your lives and let you know that I'm here. In Sri Lanka! I have nothing more to add, really, except that Sri Lankan Airlines is pretty nice. They handed out a snack that consisted of a hummus sandwich, some sort of onion pastry thing, a piece of cake, apple juice, and coffee or tea - for a flight that was only an hour and a half. Also, each seat has it's own tv so that's nice, too. That's it! I'll be back later from Thailand.


  1. Ok, but hurry up and post that picture of you in that Indian outfit that I can't remember the name of! Love ya!

  2. Just so you know - I have been reading still but we've been on vacation - so again I've only been reading via my phone and haven't been able to comment. :-) I'm back now though!

  3. You look great in that outfit!
    Sounds like you got your money's worth on the plane too.

    Love ya!