Monday, March 1, 2010

Today marks

five months on the road for me. But before any particular person gets in an uproar over that statement, it's also my little sister Amy's birthday. She turns - should I say? yah, why not? this might be the last year she lets me - 29. Every birthday for the last 29 years I've spoken to her or seen her to wish her a happy birthday. This year, being that I'm 8,279 miles away (I just calculated that now and it doesn't seem as far as I'd have thought), I'll have to make do with a "Happy Birthday!" via blog.

Traveling with and getting to know Marina and Rhian over the last month or so has been a little bit like having my little sister with me. They are sweet, fun, and funny, but they can also be frustrating and annoying (although maybe that last bit is just because I'm used to traveling on my own now and it's so much easier to do things, make decisions, etc, when you're only one person). Kind of like my own sister, in other words lol, but that just makes me miss her that much more.

I've had many names for my sister over the years. Amy, Aim, Aimers, AJ, brat. Heck, when we were in high school together, she didn't even get a name; she just got a punch, a pinch, or a push. All in good fun, of course. :-) Now she's Military Mommy Amy and it just goes to show how quickly things can change and people can grow up. She's my little sister, but in some ways she's so much more adult than I am. She has a family, owns a house, works a full time job, and has started her own business. All at the same time! And now she and her family are preparing for a deployment on top of everything else. I have no idea how she does it (and does it well, I might add!), but I admire her strength and am so very proud of her.

Amy, happy birthday! I love you, miss you, and hope you have a fantastic day!


  1. Thanks! All that means a lot coming from my big sis! Love you and miss you!

  2. I agree, you have a great younger sister, who I am proud of also. Love ya

  3. Thanks Grandma and Vanessa!