Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hurry home

The other day I had an email exchange with ToadMama. She commented about how much restraint it takes her "to not say HURRY HOME every time I post something on your blog." I replied back that "I actually am hurrying home, it's just that time moves much slower in this part of the world, so it's hard for you to be able to tell." Which gave her a little giggle and hopefully took her mind off of the whole thing about me being thousands of miles away.

It got me thinking about the time that I've been away versus the time I still have left to go. I officially have more trip behind me now than in front of me. It's weird to think that I only have three more countries (Australia, New Zealand, Fiji) and less than five months on my itinerary. That is, unless I can stretch my budget or find work along the way, but let's not even talk about that lest some people out there start to have heart palpitations or something. :-)

Eventually I'll have to start thinking about my re-entrance plan. (Yeah, I don't know where that phrase came from; I've never referred to it that way before.) And I won't be able to wait til September 15th to do it either. But now's not the time. Right now I still have tons to look forward to: volcanoes, diving, meeting up with Will, the Outback and Great Barrier Reef, extreme sports in New Zealand, lots of beach time, and plenty of people to meet.


  1. The palpitations were brief but you did incite some I have to say!!! Oddly, I was thinking the other day how you're on the downward side of the trip. Which is my way of saying you have less time still to go than you've actually been gone. That made me smile. I think "re-entrance plan" is a great way to put your return to reality, by the way. Not that I think your reality will or even should be anything close to what it was when you left. I guess we'll have to wait and see... Love ya!

  2. i think that that is a perfect way to refer to it. sorta like coming back from outer space through the earth's atmosphere.
    i am totally looking forward to everything you still have ahead of you by the way - i want to see NZ and Fiji especially since the chances are about nil of me ever making it there myself. as if i have a chance in hell of making it to about 90% of the other places you have been . . ;) take care, pal! xoxoL

  3. You know... it's actually going to be quite ironic. When you come back, it sounds like the day to day life of working is going to be quite boring compared to the adventures you've been living out day to day now.