Sunday, May 30, 2010

Pamper time

I took a shuttle bus from Padangbai to Kuta today and because I described it as a ride from hell yesterday, I was pleasantly proven wrong for today's ride. There were only six people in the van, including the driver, and it was one of the easiest trips yet (aside from the roads, of course, which always seem to be horrible in Indonesia).

Anyway, my big plan for the day was to check in to a hotel and then go get some pampering done. I ended up with a room for 100,000 rupiah which is, quite frankly, more than I've paid anywhere else in Indonesia. But that includes breakfast and there's a pool which figured nicely into my idea of pampering. I walked into a salon nearby, saw that they had a menu, and just started saying, "I'll take that and that and that. Can you do all that today? Great! I'll be back in a half-hour after I eat lunch." A few hours later I was painted and waxed and scrubbed and rubbed and steamed and feeling pretty great. When all was said and done, I had a pedicure, a wax, a massage and a facial for just under $18. Not a bad way to spend a day's budget, if you ask me, particularly since I know I won't be able to do that in Australia. Then I went back to the hotel and laid by the pool for awhile with a book.

I am really going to miss Indonesia. Maybe it's because I mostly took things slow here and spent a lot of time in fewer places rather than a little time in lots of places, but I really felt like I knew the places that I visited. Or maybe Indonesians are just super friendly and that helped me feel right at home. Regardless, everywhere I went people knew me by name and I had my regular places - mini markets, cafes, bars, restaurants, bookstores. Generally if I'm not gonna be in a place for very long, I don't like to go to the same place twice, even if I've had the best meal ever. But when I'm staying put for more than a couple of days, I do like to go to the same place because you get to know people more easily. There's something comforting in feeling like you're at home when you're thousands of miles away. 

Indonesia has everything. Mountains, beaches, jungle, volcanoes, diving, trekking. All kinds of stuff. There's so much of Indonesia that I haven't seen, so I feel like another trip here will definitely be in my future. And did you know it's the fourth largest country by population after China, India, and the US? I had no idea.

The other thing I really enjoyed about Indonesia was the attitude. People were friendly and laid-back everywhere I went. And my musician friends would like that music is MUCH appreciated here. Locals and foreigners alike are constantly playing an instrument, singing, and trying to get others to join into the festivities. I feel like my description isn't doing it justice, so I suppose you'll just have to take my word for it. Or visit yourself one day!

In less than 24 hours I'll be in Australia, my fourth (and final) continent of my trip! Will is already there - due to a goofy scheduling issue, he made it there three days earlier than he thought. But I'll be sure to say "I told you so!" when he picks me up from the airport. :-)


  1. Yay, your final continent!!! That means you'll be home soon. Sort of. I'm glad the trip to Kuta was a pleasant surprise. Love ya.

  2. i spent that same amount of money at cvs yesterday and only got tampons, deoderant, soap and powder. unfair!! have a safe flight to australia! xoxoL