Saturday, July 27, 2013

A look back in pictures

Yesterday I reminded people about my Flickr page and it made me start to look through some pictures I haven't looked through in awhile. So I thought that while I'm making my way through the Honduran countryside today, I'd share some favs that maybe you haven't seen before.

This one is helping me think cool thoughts right now:
(Franz Josef Glacier in New Zealand, about this time three years ago)
I haven't seen too many big, bright, shiny cities like this one in Central America:
(Petronas Towers in Malaysia, spring 2010)
My own little slice of paradise. I've never had so much privacy on a public beach before or since:
(Padangbai, Indonesia, May 2010)

This is how lunch is meant to be done. Fishing trip with big ass nets that took all of us working together and then we gathered around the banana leaf to reap our reward:
(Muang Ngoi, Laos, Feb 2010)
Who doesn't love a good distillery tour?
(Islay, Scotland, fall 2010)
One last one in case ya'll are growing weary of this already. There have been a lot of long road trips recently, but none have been as long as the cross country one I took with the sister:
(Middle of who knows where, USA, June 2011)
I hope your weekends are off to great starts!


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    1. Always so eloquent, Abe. ;-) Thanks for popping back by; I'd started to wonder where you disappeared to.