Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wide awake me

Would someone please remind me that since my coffee consumption has greatly decreased over the last 10 months I no longer have the tolerance level I once had? That where once having a cup at 3pm or 8pm was no big deal, it actually now is a big deal? That if I do this to myself I.will.not.sleep?

Grrr. I've been awake since 6:30 this morning; it's now 1:30am in NZ and sleep doesn't look anywhere in sight.

How about a pretty picture of my drive from Queenstown to Franz Josef Glacier today to take my mind off of it?


  1. Consider yourself reminded.
    However, since you are 10/12ths (5/6ths for you math purists) of the way done your journey it's probably a good time to start rebuilding your tolerance!


  2. That's very pretty! Look how much money you'll save on coffee when you are home. Love ya.

  3. ok - so can you tell that i have been out of town and am just catching up with your posts today? i just read through eleven posts. i will have to take in the pictures at another time though bc i have to eat something before ruby wakes up. all the mention of food in all those posts is killing me right now! i was in FL with rileigh ruby and aaron for a week at his mom's condo and the internet connection there would rival some of the places you tried in indonesia, i think. painful. i will shutterfly you some pictures from it . . . can't wait to see the pics, girl! xoL