Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A Balm and a Salve

Granada. Granada is my balm and salve right now. Yes, I know those two words essentially mean the same thing, but I needed a lot of healing after the last few days so I'm using both.

I'd been looking forward to Granada since way back when, so I was bound and determined to shake off the last bit of funk that was hanging on. I added my two favorite albums to a playlist and that cheered me immediately, but as if that wasn't enough - air conditioning on BOTH of my buses! So unusual and such a treat, I couldn't help but be happy! Then...I first laid eyes on the cathedral at Central Park and I just could.not.stop.grinning. 

I spent today wandering around contentedly, taking pictures, drinking refrescos (cold drinks made from everything ranging from grains and seeds to fruits - I had dragonfruit and a variety of passion fruit), and making plans for tomorrow (how's that for foreshadowing?). I'll share some of my pics, but I apologize in advance for the quality - first it was overcast/cloudy and then I shot into the sun later.
(The aforementioned cathedral, built in 1712)
I took a bunch of pictures at Iglesia La Merced which I'd heard and read had a tower that you could climb for awesome views of the city (and for only C$20, i.e. <$1).
(A close up of the outside of the church)

(Coral loves Granada, too!)

(Selfie shot that took some *amazing* maneuvering) 
After meandering for most of the morning and early afternoon, I ended up back at my hostel to rest a bit and it was around 3pm that I realized I hadn't eaten yet today. Whoops! The heat dulls my appetite, I think. The last few days I've been eating one meal a day, usually around 4 or 5pm. I got gallo pinto con cerdo (gallo pinto translates as painted rooster, but really it's rice and beans, with pork) and another refresco. Then it was back to the hostel for more resting and blogging and chatting, and the plan for later is a drink with some of my dorm mates.

Finally, how about a couple of my favorite shots from today, however random they may be?
(Convent of San Francisco - I like the light and dark colors with the telephone wires coming from all over)

(Just a man in a doorway with his bike...but I like it!)

(Random stairway to nowhere behind bars in the stairwell up the tower of Iglesia La Merced - I was digging how the shadows and lines were playing together)
Happy Tuesday, everyone!


  1. You have an amazing photographic eye!

    I enjoy each and everyone of your pictures - it's obvious that you put some thought into composition. Good Job!


    1. Aw, thanks! I'm glad you're enjoying them!

  2. You sure are getting to be dark-skinned. :-)

    The lines in the bike doorway picture are very cool. And you know I love the Coral shot. The cathedral is very pretty. Dad is right, you do have a very good eye. Hugs!

    1. Dark-skinned? No, that's just shadows playing tricks on your eyes. I'm so untanned that I'm planning on spending my last week at the beach just so people don't wonder why I'm so white!