Saturday, August 10, 2013

Caught it!

 My general rule is that I like to see a place with my eyes for a day or so before trying to capture it through a lens. So when I arrived on Isla de Ometepe a little after 4pm today, I left my camera in my room with the rest of my things before setting out to see more of the town of Moyogalpa.
I wandered a bit before stopping at a colorful, cheery looking place for a beer. My beer was just about finished when I happened to look up...and saw some crazy pink clouds. I looked in the other direction, saw more of the same, and got excited - THIS was going to be a good sunset! I practically sprinted back to my hostel to grab my camera (I can break my own rules!) and then kept sprinting to get to the dock for optimal viewing.
I said a couple of weeks back that I'd been on a glorious sunset mission and, well, let's consider it mission accomplished. I can't even believe how intense this sunset was. I also can't believe that besides me, a couple, and a guy playing guitar, there were no other people hanging around to see it.
The only other thing I've done since being here is check out some options for things to do. Although there are two volcanoes on this island that can be climbed - Concepción at 1610m and Maderas at 1394m - I...won't be doing that. It's 6-10 hours of steep, hot climbing and I just can't be bothered! But I've also found that nothing is exactly cheap here, either. Sixty dollars for a taxi to the waterfall on the other side of the island or for an afternoon of horseback riding; forty-five dollars by moto to a beach and nearby fresh water pools? I realize those are not super large numbers, but keep in mind that my daily budget is $30 and that's supposed to cover everything including accommodations and food. Sure, I occasionally go over (because there are days I'm well under, so it balances out), but I'm not sure either of those activities will be worth it.

Don't worry. I have a plan...


  1. Wow. Those are amazing captures! I'd say you caught it for sure. I love that you have those gasping pink sky moments, too. ��

    The sprint was worth it!

    1. SOOC, too - of course, since I don't know Photoshop. :)