Friday, August 9, 2013

More Granada

Granada definitely has me under its spell. I'd initially planned to leave yesterday, but only because I'd wanted to take the ferry from Granada to Isla de Ometepe and it only leaves twice a week. Then I realized that I could take the ferry from San Jorge instead and not only would it be faster and cheaper, but it's also more frequent. The plan, then, was to leave today. However...I woke up and my very first thought was, "oh, I'll stay just one more day."

Ever since my walk past the Convent of San Francisco the other day, I'd been wanting to get back to see if I could get better pictures, ones that weren't being shot directly into the sun. I don't know if my timing was much better today, but it was a pretty morning and there's a good breakfast place across the street from the convent so it gave me a good reason to go there.
After breakfast it was still pretty early (and also not too hot yet), so I took advantage by doing a bit of shopping for a few essentials I needed. I took a bunch of random pictures along the way (as evidenced here) and had to laugh when a guy stopped me and asked "Are you just taking pictures of doorways or what?" Hey, buddy, are you the picture police? Let me take pictures of randomness and pretty colors if I feel like it! :-D
Other than that, it's pretty quiet around here. I've been hanging out in the courtyard of my hostel, enjoying the cool, shady breezy and the crazy intense smell of the guavas that keep dropping from the trees all around me, occasionally taking breaks to get another refresco, or water, or beer. I do intend to leave tomorrow, but let's see how I feel when I wake up...


  1. Love, love, love that green building!

    1. I walked past it every day...I had to take a picture of it!