Saturday, June 20, 2009

Is it normal. . .

. . .that recently I've woken up early (as in, well-before-the-alarm-goes-off early) every day thinking things like:
  • I really need to get rain gear
  • I wonder what my itinerary is going to look like?
  • Is Skype something I should look into more?
Well, is it?? Obviously I have a lot on my mind, but I could do without the early morning wake up call.


  1. A 30 yo woman that is going to embark on a 'round the world trip alone and you're asking about what's "normal"? :-)

    You cannot beat for rain gear. It will keep you dry and comfortable in a 70MPH wind. Wanna know how I know? :-)
    Lightweight too.
    Available at places like Dick's or Bass Pro.

  2. Froggtoggs breathe, too. I actually wore the jacket while fast-walking in the rain (when it was still pretty .cool) and didn't get all sweaty like I would have in a normal windbreaker/rain jacket