Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Shots and more shots

Today I went to Passport Health for a medical consultation and my first round of immunizations. I am pretty much going to need every vaccination under the sun due to the areas I'll be traveling in. I'll need hepatitis A and B, tetanus, polio, Japanese encephalitis, and influenza, among others. Plus, I'll also need to take pills to ward against malaria every day I'm in an at risk area and then for 28 days beyond that - this could essentially amount to 120 days or more!

Passport Health also gave me a HUGE booklet of information on health and safety in all of the areas I plan to travel to. It's a lot of info to read through, but it seems like it's going to be very helpful. I will be seeing the folks at PH quite frequently as some of the immunizations require multiple rounds of shots. Today I started my first round of Hep A & B shots ($155 for each of the three rounds - ouch!).

I'll go into a little more detail later this week, but for now I'm on a mini trip. . .to the Jersey shore! No vaccinations needed here (well, that I know of!)

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