Thursday, December 24, 2009

4am alarms stink

Last night I got a text message that my 6:55am flight from Delhi to Bangalore had been pre-poned - yah, I didn't know such a thing existed, either. Even blogger thinks it's a misspelled word! - and my flight had been moved up to 6:40am. No big deal, it's only 15 minutes, right? A minute or so later I got another text suggesting that passengers arrive two hours prior to flight time due to expected delays at the airport. It's a domestic flight, not an international one. I should've only needed to be there 30 minutes or so before departure.

Considering it was going to take at least an hour to get to the airport, I knew there was no way I was going to make it there by 4:40am. I wasn't even gonna try. But I figured getting there a little earlier than I'd originally planned might not be a bad idea, especially since it's Christmas eve and all.

Hence the 4am alarm that I got this morning. Yuck. My brain wouldn't turn off last night, so I didn't even fall asleep until after 1am. I'm sure I'll crash and burn later, but for now, I'm surprisingly awake. All of this is to say that I'm in Bangalore now! :-)

Perhaps you already read about it here, but here's the lowdown if you didn't. ToadMama has a colleague in Bangalore, where I am currently. After a flurry of emails that I only came into at the tail end of, it came to be that Joyce (the colleague) invited me to spend the Christmas holiday with her, her husband, and her two daughters. Pretty amazingly awesome of them, right? The girls (and the whole extended family, actually) were very excited that I was on my way. Even the 16 month old was apparently saying my name all morning before I arrived; she turned into a shy one once I actually got here, though. :-) I am more than thrilled that I get to spend Christmas with a family that has children in it. Now that I'm an adult, kids are what make the holiday for me.

So, I'm in Bangalore. I still have to give a Jaipur and Delhi update, but that will come later. For now I'm going to go see what help I can offer in the kitchen because I smelled some awfully good smells coming out of there earlier!


  1. I second that! You are the reason I actually peeled myself out of bed this morning. To find out if you'd arrived. Your know we're dying to hear more, so just let us know when you can Skype!

  2. I'm glad you arrived safely in Bangalore and
    i'm sorry you had to get up so early. At least
    you will have a very nice family to spend the
    holidays with.

    Love you and miss you sweetie! have a very nice

    I want to thankyou for having such a nice
    freind in Bangalore so our daughter has a nice
    home to spend Christmas. Maybe now, she won't
    be very lonely.

  3. Brilliant! Am in Bangie myself -- leave on 26th evening back for Goa. Lost the uncle yesterday at 11.30 AM and while it is tough on us, I think he had suffered enough already. Besides, I have, for a long time accepted the wheel of life concept and so one celebrates his life as different from being in mourning. The family tends to think similarly, without articulating it thus...

    ...Hence, today's traditional lunch will not be an 'X'mas lunch as is the norm, but consist of his favourite foods... and chat about him and anecdotes and experiences from his life with his favourite music (jazz) playing all day long.

    Give us a tring-tring should inclination lean that way. Am at a place called Kamanahalli. If you're close by (ask the hosts), splitting an X'mas pudding mightn't be so bad. One will also head towards Racecourse Road on the 26th afternoon - if that's more do-able for you.

    Just for future reference -- when the d***heads from the civil aviation industry in India tell you to make it two hours before for a domestic flight...just get there one hour earlier as is 'normal'. No questions as to 'then why would they send such notices' etc...some things just are and you ought do your own thing. They are legally bound to let you on the flight so long as you 'check in' 30 minutes before (that's cutting it fine, though) and are at the boarding gate 15 minutes before departure i.e at the time of 3rd and final boarding call -- after having done 68 domestic flights the last 11 months...that should adequately serve for credibility on this.

    Meanwhile - deck the being with boughs of happiness, for 'tis the season to be jolly, tra la la la la la, la la la la...

    Do I have an extra 'la' in there? Whatever... :-)