Friday, December 4, 2009

Website update

If you look over there to the right, you'll notice that I added a link to my Flickr page. It had been suggested to me (waves hi to Amy!) that it would be easier to have a link than to have to search through old posts to find a link. So. . .there you have it. Ask and you shall receive!


  1. Now, since Amy is a member of Flickr (although there are scary spider webs from lack of use all over her account), if one of you added the other as a contact, it would be even easier to get to the pics.

    I love the new profile picture.

  2. You know I had to make sure the link works, right? Cool pics. Yusef is about as successful with the evil eye as Gaige. It's almost impossible for cute little boys to look mean, no matter how hard they try.

    I'm hoping this LINK in the comments actually works so everyone can see the Gaige picture I am talking about.

  3. I love the new profile pic, too! It was taken WAY back in Athens. :-)

    The Gaige link worked. I'd forgotten about that picture and I cracked up seeing it again.