Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Didn't I say where I was going?

ToadMama commented on my last post that although I said I was leaving Mysore early, I didn't say where I was leaving for. I totally thought I'd mentioned where I was going to be for New Year's, but I guess it's possible that I didn't.

In any case, I'm here now and here is in Cochin. Cochin is in the Indian state of Kerala and it's kind of the anti-Goa. A lot of non-locals know about Goa and what they know is that it's a hard-partying beach town. That's not really my scene on a normal day, but for New Year's Eve? Hells no. I really have no desire to overpay for the luxury of spending time with drunk foreigners. Besides, most people I'd talked to said Kerala is better than Goa anyway, so here I am.

Also, as it turns out, I'll have company in southern India for awhile. My friend Amiri was looking to go away for the holiday, but his visa options as an Egyptian are somewhat limited. He'd been thinking about Vietnam, but when he talked to me and found out that I'd be in warm, sunny, beach-town-filled southern India. . .Well. Remember my open invitation? Amiri decided to take me up on it. He's not the only one, either. One friend may join me in Thailand next month. Another friend will be in China on business in March, so it looks like I may be heading there. And I'll meet up with another friend in Australia in June. But the invitation still stands if anyone is interested. Just let me know!


  1. if you are offering the plane fare - ruby and i will meet you! where will you be in april? we could all celebrate ruby's first bday togather! right? right? right . . .

  2. You know I wish I could offer the plane fare, Laura, but I don't think it's gonna happen, sweetie. :-) Besides, in April I'll probably be somewhere in Indonesia and that would be an awfully long plane ride for lil miss Ruby.