Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Whatever. I've been back for DAYS now. . .

Ok, so apparently it took me a few extra days than I'd anticipated to recover from my Jersey trip. But I am back now and wanted to pick up where I left off with telling what vaccinations and immunizations I'm going to need prior to my RTW trip.

The Passport Health experience has been pretty positive so far. I met for about an hour with a nurse manager who did a brief medical history before jumping in to where I'm going and what time of year it will be when I'm there. Some diseases or infections are more prevalent during certain times of the year, so if I plan to be in that area then, the vaccination is recommended; otherwise, it's not necessary. For example, Japanese Encephalitis, an infection of the central nervous system spread by mosquito bites, is prevalent in Indonesia and Malaysia year-round. I plan to go to both of those places, so the JE vaccination has been recommended for me.

Here's the rundown (with costs):
Hepatitis A&B - $155 x 3
Tetanus/Diphtheria/Pertussis - $75
Polio - $65
Meningitis - $135
JE - $150 x 3
Typhoid - $85
Flu - $30
Doxy - $75

The Doxy is actually an anti-malarial pill that I have to take everyday that I'm in an at-risk area and then for an additional 28 days beyond. This essentially means that I'll most likely be taking this little pill for something like 120 days! The other vaccination that was recommended is for rabies, but I'm going to skip that one as it costs $800 - yes, you read that right. I'll just have to stay away from things with fur and teeth. . .

Also, I'm going to go back and edit any posts that discuss expenses (it may only be one), so that I can have a record of my pre-trip costs.

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