Sunday, June 23, 2013

Back in Caye Caulker

I spent four days and three nights couchsurfing in San Pedro on Ambergris Caye and now I'm back in Caye Caulker. I knew after about a day and a half in San Pedro that I was pretty sure I liked Caye Caulker better and wanted to come back since I'd only spent about 24 hours here before. There is something very surreal about coming back to a place you've only been to very (very) briefly before, and seeing people you know and actually having a clue about where you're going. Kinda wild. I'm even staying at the same place as before because I liked it so much. And now, having been here (for the second time) less than three hours, I'm already thinking that I'll stay for at least one more night than the two I've already paid for. It's just that kind of place, you know?

(Not in Caye Caulker. Also not a great picture, but at least you can't tell how sweaty I am!)
So, here I am, eating fresh (super yummy) fish for at least the fourth time in the last five days, having a 2-for-1 rum and coke, and waiting for my friends (from the last time I was here) to join me. 

The weather had been a bit rainy when I first arrived to Belize which meant the waters were a bit murky. It's cleared up quite a bit, so tomorrow I'd like to try my hand at some snorkeling. Other than that, I imagine I'll be taking it easy at the beach for a couple of days before I head west, away from the coast, for some culture and Mayan ruins exploration.


  1. My dad used to say that you really haven't experienced a place until you've been there when it rains...

    More pics please.

    1. Abe, are you checking Flickr? All the pics get posted there and there's a link from the main page. :)

    2. Nope. But I'll check it out.

      Gracias! :)