Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Cayes, Part II

As I mentioned before, I'm back in Caye Caulker, just kind of hanging out, enjoying being shoeless for days on end and eating lots of seafood. Yesterday would've been a great day to snorkel...but I didn't and now today's a bust because we had a big thunderstorm last night. Oh well. There will be other chances. 

I'm slated to go to San Ignacio tomorrow and am waiting to hear back from a potential couchsurfing host (referred to me by my last one). There's not much else to report, so how about some pictures?

(Coral, my scuba diving string doll travel totem courtesy of Toadmama. You'll be seeing a lot of her!)

(Rooftop view at Ak'Bol, a yoga retreat north of San Pedro. Click for a larger view.)

(I got lucky and randomly found this quiet pier from which to watch the sunset.)

(Panoramic view of said sunset - click for larger view)
(Chill spot at The Split where people gather to listen to music and drink rum cocktails)

If you're still itching for more pictures, head over to my Flickr page because everything is posted there.


  1. The sunset there looks amazing.

  2. Nice work Shannon! Great pics too...email me when you think you'll head to Guate