Friday, June 21, 2013

The Cayes

(I just love the colors and whitewashing of the Caribbean.)

(It's been mostly rainy and overcast, but we did have this lovely day at The Split, an area at the northern end of Caye Caulker that had been cut by a hurricane in the 60's.)

(She asked if I wanted her to remove her feet from my shot. You can probably figure out what my answer was. ;-) )

(There are a few good things about the rainy season: it cools things down and the rains never seem to last too long.)

By the way, in case you're wondering, caye is pronounced like key. Even though I know that, it's still tough sometimes to look at the word and not say "cay" in your head instead.

Also: more pictures posted at Flickr.

Also: Lobster Fest is this weekend. It's the celebration of the return of lobster season (in which everyone makes up for lost time by...eating a lot of lobster). So, guess what I'll be doing? :-)


  1. Looks beautiful! Seems like the camera is working out for you?

    1. Amy, it is, although I had a brief scare the other day when it had a lens error message. It went away quickly and I haven't seen it since, so I'm hoping it was a fluke.

  2. Gorgeous views and beautiful skies. Jealous doesn't begin to describe it how I am feeling right now. So awesome.