Sunday, June 9, 2013


I'm going to be trying something different on this trip, something that never occurred to me as a possibility during my last trip. A couple of my couchsurfing friends here in San Diego have traveled somewhat extensively through Central and South America. I wanted to read their blog to see if there'd be any tips or pointers that I'd find useful and I found out that they wrote reviews for a bunch of the places they stayed at in exchange for free rooms. I was intrigued and asked about their processes and how I could do the same thing.

So, all of this is my way of introducing La Aventura Project. I will be collaborating with them by posting reviews there and linking to it from here, so you'll have the choice to read it or not. It should be an interesting experiment that will help me to not only hone my writing skills a bit, but also save some cash!

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