Thursday, August 6, 2009

Full moon party

Ever heard of one of these before? They're held at Koh Phangan, Thailand and it's exactly what it sounds like - a party held on the beach to celebrate the full moon and give thanks. It's something my pagan friends (you know who you are!) would totally be into. What started a little over 20 years ago with just a couple dozen people has morphed into an all night party with 10-30 thousand in attendance.

It's definitely not really my scene (I can do without super large crowds of people. . .huh, wonder where I got that trait from?), but I'll probably try to go to a Full Moon Party during my trip. As long as I can hook up with a group of people to go with, that is.


  1. Hmmm... an all night party with 30,000 pagans? I'm adventurous, but even I would skip that. I might watch from a balcony, maybe, with a margarita or three. But I definitely would not want to mingle. But then, I don't have any pagan friends. That I know of anyway.

  2. LOL. Not all of the partygoers are pagans. I was just throwing out there that my friends who are pagans would appreciate this kind of party.