Thursday, August 13, 2009

How to ward off homesickness

At my book club meeting the other night I was talking to the ladies about my trip (after we discussed the book first, of course). The topic of homesickness came up and I joked that hopefully I wouldn't get so homesick that I'd just change my mind about the whole thing and come home early. They insisted that I would get homesick, but then I'd get over it, realize what an awesome journey I was having and get on with my trip.

We started talking about ways to prevent or deal with homesickness and there were some interesting ideas tossed about. The most obvious is to take along pictures of your friends and family (and not just digital pics, either, but actual physical photos...remember those?). An added benefit of this is that you can show new friends you meet along the way pictures of what home looks like to you.

The most unique suggestion actually used by a friend of one of the book club gals is to take your favorite spice with you on your trip. This is something I never would have thought of, but it actually kinda makes sense. Think of all the times you've smelled a smell and it immediately took you back to a specific time or place: Christmastime at Grandma's house, summer vacation as a child, the first time you made your favorite dish. I suppose that if there was a specific smell, such as a spice, that could be bottled and would instantly make you feel like you were back home - well, that's definitely one way of dealing with homesickness!

I don't know if it will ward off the homesickness exactly, but I plan to write postcards to myself from the road. I can chronicle thoughts or moments that I may or may not want to post on the blog, perhaps something just for me. I kind of envision it as being a way for me to feel sorry for myself for only as long as it takes to fill a postcard (not long) and then moving on. I'll send these postcards to myself, of course, which means that when I get home I can extend the memories of my trip a bit longer and have fun reading notes to myself about things that I may have forgotten already.

Does anyone out there have any other suggestions for how to deal with missing home when you're on the road for extended periods?

p.s. what's another word for homesickness? cuz after this post i kinda never want to see or use it again lol!


  1. I do! Take one of your family members along. (-:

    Pick me. Pick me. Pick me!

  2. I think the postcard idea is a great one. An excellent way to purge negative thoughts without indulging, and a gift to yourself for when you come back home and are tavelsick.

    Aside from smells and sights, you may have something tactile that you could bring with you, equivalent to a child's blanket. Something comforting you could hold. (I guess a family member could fit the bill :)

    As far as an alternate word...home longing? missing home? I looked it up and found hankering (which is just amusing) and wistful.