Friday, August 21, 2009

Weird hotels

I've recently come across a couple of links for weird hotels around the world. There's even a website all about them - Unusual Hotels of the World. I'd heard or read about ice hotels, cave hotels, and underwater hotels before, but never really gave them much thought.

Now that I'm only 40 days (!!) away from heading out, it was fun for me to look through all of these crazy pictures. I won't be staying at any of these places, though. A lot of them are located in areas that I won't be traveling to, but even if I was, I wouldn't/couldn't stay there. Some of them are as much as $500/night - well outside the range of a backpacker's budget! The Hang Nga Guest House in Vietnam, aka Crazy House, might be a possibility, however, since I will be in that country. But I don't know if I could sleep in those rooms. . .might be nightmare inducing. :-)

What about you? Would you ever sleep at one of these hotels?

1 comment:

  1. Someone tried to get me to stay at a wigwam hotel in AZ once but I passed on the opportunity.
    I don't mind unusual, tacky I try to stay away from.
    Crazy house? Appropriately described in the msn article "LSD nightmare". You're not likely to find me there either.
    Some of the places were neither tacky or frighteningly weird and I might give them a try!