Saturday, August 8, 2009

Why flexibility is important

I mentioned before that I wasn't going to do a RTW airfare after all because I wanted as much flexibility as possible. So why is it so important? Because as recently as July 14th (was it really only less than a month ago?!), Laos was not part of my itinerary plans. Guess what? I've decided I'd like to go to Laos. But of course.

There was no real reason why Laos hadn't been part of the plan. In fact, it makes more sense that I do include it because all of the countries surrounding it - Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia - are on my agenda. I guess I just never knew much or heard much about Laos, so I never considered it.

That has all changed. How about some pictures, shall we?
The first shot is a sculpture of a reclining Buddha, borrowed from National Geographic. The second is a temple, or rather, the ruins of one; and the third is simply Laos. claims Laos is "the highlight of Southeast Asia" and they have a whole bunch of cool photographs over here.

So this is why I needed flexibility. I haven't even left for my trip yet and my plans have already changed. I fully expect that this will happen again once I'm on the road. In fact, I hope it happens because it will mean that I'm opening myself up to all the possibilities the world has to offer.

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