Monday, September 28, 2009


Yesterday was a very emotional day for me. I dropped DSH off at the airport for a business trip he's taking and I won't be seeing him again before I leave. It was kind of surreal because there I was, at the airport saying goodbye, and yet I wasn't the one leaving. Yet. Then I went to my sister's house to spend time with her and her kids (only a brief convo with my brother in law because he was watching the game). Tears all around. A day of saying goodbye and lots of crying.

It made me think - am I actually leaving everything and everyone I know and love for a year? A YEAR? Wow. For the next few days I'll be saying goodbye over and over again. I'm sure more tears will be involved and it will be kind of sad. But I have to remember and remind myself why I'm doing this. It's not as if I'm running away from anything at home. Rather, I'm running toward the world and its people and cultures. I expect to learn, grow, and experience more in the coming year than I ever could sitting at home. So yes, saying goodbye and being away from friends and family will be tough, but something tells me it's all gonna be worth it.


  1. And I suspect the jubilation you feel once you are in the plane, settled in your seat, taxiing down the runway, picking up speed and finally off the ground will be amazing.

    I can't promise not to get emotional. Just remember, everyone that will be missing you is also very excited for you, too!

  2. Shannon just remember how much I love you, and will miss your phone calls and visits. Have a wonderful time! Love & Prayers Grandma

  3. 1 day away from diving into the world, Shannon; the clock is counting down as I type. How exciting. How exhilirating. How enviable. How BOLD.

    I'm looking out at mountains formed before humans existed. Our travels make them smile. We are so young and new and fresh to this world.

    Godspeed as you traverse the map, safe travels as you find new adventures, and warmth as you find yourself; the self we know and love.

    FUCK. I'll miss you.