Thursday, September 17, 2009

Non-update update

My grandmother has informed me that I'm not posting as regularly as usual. The most recent update isn't all that interesting, but here it is:

- Still need to sell my car. (Please someone buy it! Tell your friends to buy it! I really don't feel like dealing with it from thousands of miles away.) About half of what I wanted to sell furniture-wise is sold, half still to go. Zero packing has been completed. Yes, zero. But I'd like to change that this weekend and really put a dent in things.
- Got a new driver's license yesterday and the picture's actually decent (can't say the same for my passport pic). The guy at the DMV (who was quite the chatty Charlie, btw) couldn't stop telling me to be careful and have fun, and was full of safety/travel tips. I've been getting that a lot from strangers, actually.
- Travel insurance purchased. Finally.
- Local CouchSurfing event this Sunday. Hopefully I can rack up a reference or two so it's easier for me to surf once I'm on the road, if I so choose.
- Have started getting my pack together and pulling out things that will ultimately go in it to make sure that I'm not forgetting something crucial that still needs to be purchased. I'll post a packing list and pictures of my gear before I leave.

Um. I think that's it? I don't know, it seems like a million things are keeping me busy and stressed - not to mention the nerves that are starting to kick in. It just doesn't make for particularly intriguing reading material.


  1. Uh-oh
    You're a single digit midget now...

  2. 9 days?! It kinda seems like just yesterday that it was 60 days to go, doesn't it? I'm nervous and excited and trying not to let my anxiety get the better of me.