Thursday, September 24, 2009

I excel at procrastination

Truly, I do. I haven't worked for the last five days, so my full-time job should have been packing up my apartment to prepare it for storage. Yeah. If that was the case, my apartment would be completely packed by now. It's just not that big and I don't have that much stuff. Instead of packing, though, I've found lots of other things to do instead: going to a CouchSurfing potluck, watching Monday night football out at a bar, various "errands" (some of which were actually valid), and a good deal of going out/hanging out with friends and family.

The problem is that I'm not just packing up my apartment to move to another apartment. I don't really like doing that either, but it's easy and straightforward. No, I'm condensing my entire life into one 50-liter backpack. Some things I feel I need to wait until the last minute to pack because I might need them some time in the next 6 days before I leave - dishes and other kitchen stuff, for instance. I can't eat out for every remaining meal in Baltimore, after all. Some things I'm trying to give away so I don't have to pack/store them. And some things I'm just flummoxed by - do I really want to store that book/sweater/tchotchke for a year or should I just Goodwill it?

Hey, I have an idea! How about if someone volunteers to come help me? It'll be just the kick in the butt I need. Any takers? :-)


  1. Experimenting with the 'comment' process :-)

  2. It worked, Cyndy. See? I told you it wasn't that hard. :-)