Saturday, October 17, 2009

The answer to the cliffhanger

I mentioned earlier that I had an itinerary change to talk about. Talk about cliffhanger, huh? :-) Well, I kind of forgot about the whole needing a visa thing for India. It takes 4-6 business days for it to be processed and since I was planning on heading to India early next week, clearly I don't have enough time. My choices were to either wait it out in Prague (have I mentioned that it's cold here??) or figure out some other place to go before I go to India.

I pulled out a map to see what was between Prague and India and the two clear choices were either Greece or Istanbul, Turkey. I did some research on flight prices and exchange rates and I booked my flight today. So the answer to the cliffhanger is that I leave Prague on Tuesday and will be heading to...Athens. My current CS host says he has a CS friend in Crete that I could probably stay with, so that's a possibility. And, who knows? I may still hit Istanbul before heading to Mumbai anyway. I'm meeting up with a friend of a friend in Mumbai who will be showing me around for a couple of days and he's leaving on holiday on November 10 so I have to be in India before that, but my schedule is kind of flexible up until then.

What do you think about the change? Pretty cool change of events, right?


  1. If you give me a little notice, I have a friend in Istanbul and you might be able to have a night or two there. Greece is good choice.

  2. I really need to get out of the country.

  3. shan,
    i think your idea is great!!!
    i think greece is a much better choice.
    your pics are great too!!, but keep warm

  4. Cyndy - Having a friend of a friend to (maybe) stay with in Istanbul would be great. I'll definitely keep you posted and try to give you some advance notice to reach out to your friend.

    Foos - soon enough, man, soon enough! :-)

    Mom - Greece is a better choice than what? You may have misunderstood because India is definitely still happening and Istanbul hasn't left the table of possibilities. I'll keep you posted, of course.

  5. I looked at all the recent Prague pics you uploaded last night. When I got to the TV tower, I was a bit mystified. Then I looked it up and read how the "art" babies were supposed to be temporary, but since they made a joke of an impending, formerly Communist structure, they kept them. A bit odd looking for sure! I'm still sending warm thoughts your way. And am very excited that you get to add Greece to the itinerary,too. Love ya!

  6. I've been told by my widely traveled friends that Greece is a must see, and beautiful as well. Love you