Monday, October 26, 2009

Itinerary Update

I'm sad to say, but India may be off the table for the time being. You can bet your bippy I'm gonna try try try to make it happen, but it's really not looking good for me. Apparently it would have been better if I'd gotten my Indian visa before leaving the US, but I didn't know that. :-(

Here's the new plan for the moment. Tonight I'm going to take an overnight train to Thessaloniki. Tomorrow I will spend the day there and then take another overnight train to Istanbul. My first host in Athens, Thanos, will be in Istanbul and has said that he can show me around a bit. I'll probably spend about 5 days in Istanbul. I will see about getting an Indian visa while there, but if not, I'll head straight to Bangkok instead. Perhaps I'll be able to backtrack a bit so that I can still get to India. Right now it's all a bit up in the air. . .


  1. That sucks! Hopefully you'll be able to get it worked out and still be able to make it to India. What is the problem with trying to get an Indian visa now that you're already overseas?

  2. Wow, I know how badly you want India to happen. What is the problem? It seems crazy that they won't let you in for a visit.