Monday, October 12, 2009

I'm not in the Mediterranean anymore

Nope, definitely not still in the Mediterranean. I was on a plane this morning headed for Prague and as soon as I got here I thought, "Huh. It's a little bit colder here." Yesterday in BCN it was 27C (about 80 degrees F); today in Prague it is 12C (about 53 degrees). And it's a bit overcast and fall has for sure arrived in Eastern Europe. So far it looks beautiful. I haven't seen a single Gaudi building (don't think I will) and that's kind of a nice change of pace. I don't know yet if my clothing will be warm enough, but the exchange rate is pretty good so I should be able to buy something cheaply if I need it.

The whole flying-by-the-seat-of-my-pants thing seems to be working out okay for me so far. (Knock on wood!) I didn't buy my ticket to Prague until late last week. I found the hostel online yesterday (with a couple extra for backup) and just kind of pointed to the address when I got in the taxi. FREE internet at the hostel (woo!) so I've now been connected for about 2 hours. I caught up on email and even found a CouchSurfing host for the weekend who I will probably meet up with sometime this week. I still don't have a Prague travel guide, but maybe they'll have one at the hostel or the guy at the front desk will be able to tell me where to go. And I haven't eaten since my last BCN breakfast, so maybe I'll wander for awhile and see what I can find (with a bank being up there on the priority list since euros won't do me a whole lot of good here).


  1. Wow! The hostel looks pretty cool! I'm excited to hear more about it. It seems to have a lot more accommodations then the last one you stayed at.

  2. i cant wait to hear about how you communicated her - i was able to give you some truly hot phrases to bandy about in Spain but anything czech is beyond me - but i bet this means something -"secjweki piitzc bop".

  3. Amy - the last hostel had accommodations, too, I just never linked to it before. You can check it here - - but the site´s not particularly good.

    Laura - yah, take out all the vowels and you pretty much have Czech. But I´ve been lucky so far *that´s right, so far meaning the 7 1-2 hours that I´ve been here* in that everyone has spoken English.

    **sorry, the keyboard is all wacky here too and I can´t figure out parentheses.**

  4. Did you ever find a travel guide?

  5. I did, actually. Right across from the hostel is this really cool bookstore/cafe. I love this place! They have used and new books (including travel guides), internet access, a bar, and food. I'm surprised I ever left there. :-)