Sunday, November 22, 2009

Coolest. Mall. Ever.

The only thing I really wanted to accomplish today was a pedicure. Yesterday I met a friend of my friend Mickey's and she recommended a nail salon at the Ibn Battuta mall. The pedicure was a success, but beyond that the mall was really the. coolest. mall. ever.

That's right. Yes, I'm on a round the world trip of a lifetime and I'm actually writing a post about a shopping mall. But it really was very neat (and this isn't even the mall with the indoor skiing! That's the Mall of the Emirates.). First of all, it's a pretty large mall and it's themed to tell the story of Ibn Battuta. Yeah, I'd never heard of him either, but apparently he's a famous Arab traveler. There are six courts that make up the mall - China, Egypt, Persia, India, Tunisia, and Andalusia - and each is a region that Battuta explored. Does this sound boring and kind of like the history lesson that you didn't really want to get while you were shopping?

Ok, maybe. But each court looks like the area it represents. And, this may be weird, but it's the best smelling mall I've ever been in. I think each court may have had it's own signature scent. It's honestly the most beautiful and interesting mall I've ever been in. I wanted to take pictures, but figured that would be horribly tourist-y of me, so I didn't. But go do a Google image search and see for yourself. Oh, wait. Here, I did it for you. And. . .that's just about enough gushing over a mall already.

In other news: I'm trying to figure out what my next stop will be. I went last week to fill out my India visa application and I should hear before the beginning of the Eid holiday this Wednesday if it's accepted. If so, India here I come! If not, maybe Sri Lanka? Maybe Thailand? Ah, decisions decisions.


  1. I did a Flickr search for images of that mall and you are right, it is pretty amazing. The way that one area has the sky painted on the ceiling really makes it seem like it is outdoors. Are prices there reasonable? Expensive? I know Dubai was really hit by the recession, too.

  2. That mall does look beautiful, it kind of
    reminds me of some of the casino's in vegas
    when Ken and I went by the way the clouds are painted on the ceilings. That one picture with
    a line of people roller skating, the second
    person in the line looks alot like you. It's not is it? or am I just missing you so...much.

  3. ToadMama - Like anywhere else, some prices are reasonable and some aren't, so it balances out. For the most part, though, the shopping is really good in Dubai and there are good deals to be had.

    Mom - Nope, that person in the picture isn't me. I didn't even look at the picture, but I can still assure you it's not me. :-)