Saturday, November 7, 2009

No sightseeing yet

I've been in Cairo for about 36 hours now and I've still done no sightseeing. Well, not really anyway. I've seen a bit of Cairo at night and I've experienced the nightlife, but that's about it. Last night I went out for sushi and drinks with Salama and Tatio to this place called Asia (I think) and it was literally right on the Nile river. So I've seen the Nile! It looks like a river!

Today we slept in and then hung out for awhile before heading to a late lunch. It was actually a business meeting and I tagged along because I don't know Arabic so it didn't really matter that I was there. Later on I met up with Mohamed's sister, Dina, who I'll be staying with for the next few days. She has a two year old son named Nadeem and he's an absolute cutie. When I met him he was shy for about half a second til I crouched down to say hi and he ran over to me, gave me a hug, and proceeded to not let go of my hand for a half hour or so. My heart just about melted since he's the same age as my nephew, Joey. By the way, Nadeem doesn't speak English so the conversations he and I have are pretty interesting. I think he'll end up teaching me a few words of Arabic before all is said and done.

I sort of have a plan for my next few days. I plan to officially check out Cairo over the next couple of days. Some real sight-seeing, complete with pictures. On Tuesday I will probably fly to Sharm el Sheikh which is on the Red Sea and soak up some much needed rays. Maybe my bathing suit will even see some action! From there. . .well, my plans have changed so much already, so it's hard to say, but I think I'll probably stick around for a little while and see what I can see.


  1. lol The Nile looks like a river. Imagine that!!

  2. Go with the flow and have a good time doing it!
    Oh! by the way, the red sea, does it look like
    a sea? HA! HA!