Sunday, November 15, 2009

A day of traveling got me to. . .

. . .here:

Anyone want to venture a guess where I am now? Hint: It took me a plane ride, a train ride, another plane ride, and a couple of taxi rides to get here.


  1. Damn, you're good. But, actually, I think I already mentioned to you that I may go to Dubai, so I take that back lol.

    Btw, glad to hear that K made it to her new home safe and sound! Looks like she and Belle are already fast friends.

  2. Ok, I had a slight advantage. But it sure is weird to see you back in a very modern, developed city with high rises and everything. So how long will you be there?

  3. Wait a minute. I thought you were going to Luxor and Aswan first? What happened to those plans?

  4. Yeah, Dad and I were wondering, too.