Friday, November 20, 2009


One day last week I got an email from a friend I hadn't seen in awhile because he moved out of state for work. We hadn't really stayed in touch except for short emails here and there, so he was quite surprised to hear about my travel plans. I gave him the blog link and he must've read the whole thing in one sitting, lol, because not long later he sent another email with a list of questions. I've decided to include those questions and answers here because others of you out there might have been wondering the same things.

Did you ever get/use the Flushette thingy? Please forgive me if this question is too personal. Nope, didn't get it (and it's actually called a Freshette), but so far I haven't really needed it because I've only seen western toilets. It may be a whole other story when I actually get to SE Asia.

Which do you like more the “couchsurfing” thing or staying in Hostels? I mean aside from the cost issue.
CSing and hosteling both have their pluses and minues, but I like CSing better. With hostels you only meet other travelers, but with CSing you meet locals who actually live in the place you're visiting.

How are the “Ex Officio” undies working out for ya? LOL! Sorry, I had to ask!
The Ex Officio undies are working fabulously, thanks for asking! They are super quick drying which is a life saver when you're washing them in a sink.

Oh, not a question, but a word of warning from my Army days….Drink lots of water while you’re on the Doxy! My unit’s medics said it can play hell on your liver if you don’t flush your system out! I know about this because I went to Honduras, but I think I told you this already? Thanks for the Doxy advice, I will be sure to load up on H2O. One of my hosts in Barcelona told me that he stopped taking his malaria pills because it gave him horrible nightmares. . .and then he got malaria and almost died. So. I'll take the pills AND drink water and maybe the water will lessen all of the side effects.

Ok, so I’m interested in the Hibiscus flower and 7-Up drink! Tell me more. I’ve also heard that Chrysanthemum tea was great, too! I don't think there's really much more to tell about the hibiscus flower and 7Up drink. It was cold, a very dark purple color, ever so slightly carbonated, and tasted pretty sweet, like a mix of different berries. Chrysanthemum tea is good, I've had it before and it's also pretty sweet.

Are you planning to do another one of those “By the Numbers” posts soon? That was pretty telling for me. I probably will do another by the numbers post, but probably not for a few weeks or so when I have some more stats compiled.

One think I was kind of unclear on: the Cemberlitas Hamam – the Turkish bath. Did you get to do it or not? I read where you got there 30 min before it closed and that they did not take your credit card, but you described the belly rock and bath pools with greater detail than someone who just read about them on the advertisements. Yes, I did go to the Turkish bath. The first one wouldn't take a credit card, the second was the Cemberlitas Hamam (the one I went to).

Alright, so now's your chance to ask your questions. Got any? Let me know in the comments and I'll answer in an upcoming post.


  1. When are you coming home?!? That's my question. LOL

    You don't have to answer that. I'm being a smart-ass. I do miss you quite a bit but am so happy you are getting to enjoy this amazing experience.

    Love ya!

  2. I forgot to ask you this when we spoke the other day. Have you decided on a length of time you'll be out there in the great wide world? (6 months or a year?)

  3. So you both basically have the same question. :-) The answer is that I don't know exactly, but the plan was always to travel for a year. If I run out of money, I'll have to come home sooner; if I budget really well, I might be able to stretch out my travels longer.

    Anyone else?

  4. Well then, here's hoping your budgeting skills really suck!

    Question... what's going on in Dubai?

  5. Great questions and answers, very informative. My question is are you homesick yet? Love you

  6. ToadMama - It's beach season in Dubai now, so there's a lot of that going on. And if what *I've* been doing is any indication at all, there's also apparently a lot of eating, drinking, and being lazy goin on, too! :-)

    Grandma - To be honest, I'm not particularly homesick yet, but I really think it's because I have so much regular contact with family and friends via the blog, email, and Skype. If it wasn't for the internet, I'd be lost! I've only been traveling for 7 weeks, though, and we're coming up on the holidays, so give me time. . .I'm sure I'll be homesick in no time!