Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Magnetic Island was the prettiest little island ever. There's something really nice about having beaches backed by mountains and that's just what Maggie was like. We stayed long enough to rent bikes and ride around the island a bit; Will got in some fishing and I got in some reading, so it was all perfectly relaxing. I hadn't been feeling better so I saw a doctor before we got to the island. This doctor informed me that since the antibiotics didn't seem to be helping, I most likely had a viral infection and I'd just have to let it do it's thing and go away on its own. I wasn't thrilled to hear that, but he prescribed acetaminophen with codeine for the pain, so that was something. That is, until I realized that since it was Sunday the pharmacy was closed and it was closed the next day because it was the Queen's birthday. Ugh, waiting two days for pills that I knew would make me feel better...

We headed off to Airlie Beach and look who we ran into:

(It wouldn't be Marina and Rhian if we weren't pulling faces.)

Well, we didn't actually run into them, not by chance or anything. It was a good week of figuring out the logistics and then a couple of days of us being on a boat and Rhian and Marina being on an island, but it was all worked out and we got to meet up. That makes four countries now that I've hung out with the British girls that I met way back in Pai. Poor Will, though. He was caught in the middle of a scream when Marina and I saw each other for the first time at the hostel and then he was treated to some serious girl talk as the three of us caught up. :-)


  1. Poor Will? Surrounded by attractive young women... I bet he's hating life. :-)

    I'm glad to see you got to meet up with the girls again. Love ya!

  2. ohhh i am so happy for you - i love that you got to meet up with them again! i feel like screaming with you her in linthicum. so i will. once ruby wakes up.

    have fun, girlie. xoL