Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Will has left the building

Well, actually, he's left the whole country. On Tuesday I walked him to the subway station and sent him off to the States. And, believe it or not, because of the time difference and the direction he's flying, he arrives in San Francisco just a few short hours later, even with a layover in Fiji and another in LA. :-)

I don't know if I lost a bet or what, but I somehow managed to promise Will that I'd write up a glowing post about him and how great it is to travel with him. Oh, and how he was the only person from home who managed to meet up with me on the road (I think that's supposed to make him better than the rest of you? lol) (But there's still time to change that! I'm not home yet! Any takers??)

Ah, wait. I remember now. I insisted on having permission to post this picture of him and he agreed, but only with the above conditions:

(Will ironing his tie. While he's wearing it.)

Oh man. This makes me giggle every. single. time. I see it. This wasn't even taken in Australia, but rather in Vegas when he was driving cross country from Philly to San Fran with his friends right before he came here.

Yes. So. We had a lot of fun. Will and I both agree that the Oz highlights were diving in the Great Barrier Reef and petting 'roos at the Perth Zoo. Actually, we both liked the west coast of Australia (what little we saw of it) better than the east coast and wish that we'd spent more time there instead (Perth is on the west coast). All of the pictures of "Serious" Will were fun to take and a great running joke to have (one example can be seen here). Having an open ended game of rummy kept my competitive little heart going. For the record, I won - 7230 to 6905 (and we only started keeping score in, Airlie Beach, was it?). Four weeks and one day of traveling together and I only barely wanted to kill him - that's something he already knows, so don't feel bad that he'll be reading it here for the first time, btw.

I guess that about covers it. I was really glad to have a travel buddy and even gladder that it was a buddy from home. If it weren't for Will, I'd be feeling SUPER homesick right about now because Australia is so similar to the States and yet I'm so very far away still. Ah, but that's a whole 'nother topic and one I'll write about soon.

How'd I do with "your" post, Will? :-) I miss you already. See you in San Francisco!


  1. Well, if you ever tell us when you'll hit the states again...

    I'd love to meet you in Fiji, but I don't think that's in the cards. :-(

  2. And I'm still seriously considering meeting up with you in CA - if I can get it to work out!

  3. Hey you two...
    Don't leave me here with the babies!!

  4. Now THAT was funny!

    Don't "get" the humor? CLICK HERE.

  5. kathy - i'd not seen that! HA!

    shan - while i was giggling at the tie pic of will i was sitting there thinking - damn, shannon, no room for a razor in your pack? gone native? and then read the part that he was with friends in LV. tee hee.


  6. Hey ! I'll watch the babies. Love YA

  7. That is quite a good photo of me. And yes Shannon the post about me was terrific. I can not wait to see you again and I miss being in Australia but I think it just be I miss hanging out with you.