Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mission: Incomplete

Will and I arrived in Mission Beach on Friday afternoon after a very pretty two hour drive south from Cairns. There’s not a lot to do in Mission Beach; we mostly chose it as one of two stops between Cairns and Airlie Beach, an 11 hour bus ride. Mission is known for two things, however.

The first thing is skydiving. Most people seem to come here for the skydiving. Although this is something I want to do, I’m saving it for New Zealand, so Dad will be happy to know that I haven’t jumped out of any perfectly good airplanes. Yet. If I’d been feeling better, I probably could’ve been talked into skydiving, but unfortunately I seem to be feeling worse. The antibiotics don’t seem to be doing their thing. I have a couple of days worth of doses left and if I’m not better by then, I’ll have to head back to a doctor.

The second thing Mission Beach is known for are their cassowaries. Are you familiar with these guys? They are big, flightless birds, kind of similar to emus but supposedly pretty dangerous. Like, one local told us that the government is trying to relocate one cassowary because he’s killed a number of cats and dogs in the neighborhood. They’re a little crazy looking and I’d love to see one. Considering how I feel, though, and how I barely left my room the entire time we were in Mission Beach, the cassowary sighting has been a bust.

Actually, since we leave Mission Beach first thing Sunday morning, the whole place has kinda been a bust. But we’re hoping that Magnetic Island will see me feeling better and doing more than sleeping and reading all day. Fingers crossed!


  1. Sorry to hear of your continuing health woes but quite pleased at the same time that you've not tried to emulate bird poo.

    Love from Zurich!

  2. Sorry your still not feeling well, hopefully
    in the next few days you'll be feeling better.
    The skydiving sounds awesome! that's something
    I would love to try some day.

    Love ya!

  3. skydiving woohoo!!

    sucks you are sick however, my dear. oj and chicken noodle soup. australia has to have some super sodium laden campbell's, right? xoL