Friday, June 11, 2010


So would you like to see more of what I saw while I was here? I thought I'd share some more pictures since they weren't all available to me when I posted last.

(pink anemonefish)
 (giant clam - they come in all kinds of colors, not just this bluish color)
 (Regal angelfish)
 (Hawksbill sea turtle. Although my favorite shot of him is this one.)
If you'd like to see even more, they're all up now over at my Flickr page.


  1. The underwater pics are pretty awesome! I can't wait til I can make it over there one day.

    TJ will probably be in touch sooner or later looking for things to do in Dubai. I know they already plan to go skiing but I told him to ask you what else to do.

    Oh and I gave you an award today too. I'm sure you've already seen it though. :-)

  2. My favorite pic of him is this one...

  3. Aja - Will was chasin' him down (trying not to scare him, of course) in that shot. Turtle butt!

  4. I am too jealous for words. lol. That must have been amazing! Good for you!!!