Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Way back when I decided to take this trip, I held off on telling family at first and only told friends and colleagues. When I finally went to Dad with my plan, I expected at least some push back from him. But he surprised me by throwing his full support behind me. I even found out that that kind of world travel appealed to him, something I'd never known about him before.

The point is that today, on Father's Day, I want to thank my Dad for being supportive and encouraging and understanding. Of course he was all of those things when it came to this little trip o'mine, but he's always been those things. All fathers and daughters go through phases or periods of difficulty over the years, as we did, but I'm glad to say that today I'm closer to Dad than ever before. 

Dad, I miss you and our conversations at the island in the kitchen as you start dinner and I keep you company. I'm so excited that you're getting to do some world travel of your own (right now!) and I can't wait to join you at the island to hear all about it. I love you!

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  1. I'm reserving your spot here at my island while you explore the island you're currently on - I anxiously await your return. :-)

    I am very proud of my kids and am quite pleased to see that the "You can do anything if you set your mind to it" mindset that I worked hard to instill in you has helped you during this remarkable journey.

    All my love,