Monday, July 13, 2009

I think I have a problem

Yes, I happen to be reading all of these books. At the same time. And this is in addition to everything I’m reading online (travel related blogs and general research, for the most part). Someone please stop me from stepping foot into another bookstore or library!

All of those books are travel guides except for the bottom two – one is the 75 page booklet I got from Passport Health and the other is a novel. You may ask how I could possibly have time for a novel, but it’s not just any novel. It’s The Beach by Alex Garland and it takes place on the beaches of Thailand. It’s purely “mood” reading.


  1. There are worse problems to have than being highly educated :-)


  2. Can I read The Beach when you are done? The movie was pretty good. I never even thought about looking for the book.