Thursday, July 9, 2009

I'm loving this book right now

I'd picked it up at the book store, flipped through it a bunch, and liked it - but didn't buy it. Ended up ordering it online instead; I guess delayed gratification isn't a problem for me if it means I save a few dollars. :-)

You'll see over there in the title the phrase "gap year." If I haven't mentioned it before or if you're not already familiar with it, a gap year refers to time taken off in schooling or career and is usually spent traveling and seeing the world. In the UK and Australia it's a very common concept and it's usually done by students in the year after high school and before college (or university, as they would say). I think it's a great idea and think more American students should steal it for themselves. What better way to prepare yourself for college and expose yourself to the real world, all at the same time?

Anyway, as the gap year is not a particularly American phenomenon, most gap year books are geared towards young, British adults. I am neither (obviously) so those books aren't really a fit for me and what I'm looking for. This one, however, is perfect. It makes use of the British way of spelling words (organise, favourite, etc.) so clearly it realizes its audience is mostly a non-American one, but it has sections specifically for British, American, and Australian travelers. It also doesn't forget that gap years can be taken by people of all ages and not just young adults.

It includes sections on working, volunteering, and studying which I'm all about. Its sections on specific destinations are very detailed and informative, including material on sample itineraries, things to do, when to go, sample costs, and even books and movies to get you in the mood. Oh! The best part? Lots of awesome, full color photos that are amazing. It's full of good advice, hints, and tips and is doing a really good job of getting/keeping me excited.


  1. Um, I'll have to trust you on your review. Me reading a book like that could be bad...

  2. LOL, no kidding. Yeah, I probably wouldn't recommend it to anyone who wasn't ready to travel NOW because it definitely makes you want to hit the road. :-)