Sunday, July 19, 2009

Secret fears

You gotta face your fears, right? Put them out in the open instead of hiding from them?

- I didn't go to Artscape this weekend because I just didn't feel like going by myself. What if I don't feel like doing stuff by myself while I'm away? It should be relatively easy to meet up with other travelers if I want to so I won't be 100% on my own 100% of the time, but I won't always have that option. If I'm being logical, this isn't a huge concern because I'll be so excited about seeing and experiencing new things (and, let's face it, if you've seen Artscape once, you've seen it a million times), but it is a fear that's kinda hanging out in the back of my mind.

- Everyone who knows me has probably heard the story about me going on vacation for two weeks and only taking a carry on bag. I consider myself a pretty low-maintenance gal. But low-maintenance for me still includes make-up, a blowdryer, my own clean bed, and easy access to showers and clean clothes. What if, once on the road, I come to the realization that I need those things more than I imagined, that I'm actually not all that low-maintenance after all? My budget will allow for occasional hotel stays, but for the most part I'll be staying in hostels and guesthouses. Can I hack it?

- I'm pretty independent and I always have been. I like it that way. But what if I get miserably homesick and miss my family and friends more than I can handle? Will I decide to throw in the towel and come home early or will I stick it out?

There's probably a million others if I really think about it. I think that now that I have a RTW ticket quote, the trip is getting more real by the day. It's not just a fantasy or daydream; I'm DOING this. Whoa. Time for a deep breath.

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  1. Artscape, Fartscape. you missed nothing other than traffic and those really bad photo opportunity stands with the spraypainted mercedes and lexus.

    Never fear. I'm sure whatever homesickness you experience will be fleeting and quickly replaced with excitement over the next new cool thing/place!